Java 8 – Core Training

Java 8 - Core Training

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This is the full schedule of a classroom-based Java core training with theory, exercises and lab sections.


This course is for those want to be a Java programmer by following a proven methodology.


This class is one-to-one online version of a class that I gave to hundreds of students in a classroom in high-quality education centers.


The biggest missing part for programming students is the exercises that they may work on. This class has high-quality exercises and their solutions right after the video explanations.


Here is our agenda:


0- Why java? What is platform independency? Why it is the most used programming language in professional software development?


1- Learn programming basics:


Using variables, primitive types, mathematical and logical operators.


Control structures, loops and really high-quality exercises to have hands-on experience.


2- Learn arrays:


Use the basic data collection and use them inside real-world experiments. You will have a basic understanding on memory-model of Java.


3- Learn object oriented programming:


Understand what is object oriented programming and what makes it shine in software development world.


Learn encapsulation, inheritance, abstraction with great examples and exercises. Possibly you wasted lots of time by watching similar unclear explanations so far. It is time to polish the dust of these concepts.


4- Learn core types and great utility classes of Java.


How a professional programmer leverages built-in types and utility classes in real life? You will learn the secrets.


5- Learn data collections.


It is fairly simple to learn the collections but it is hard to know when to use which one. You will get this understanding by great examples.


6- Learn file operations


How java communicates with files? How the content of the file is processed with data collections? You will learn by great exercises.


At this point you may move on Java EE course for further understanding.


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